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About Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer, Ph.D., is Group Leader for Healthcare Standards and Interoperability at MITRE Corporation. Mark led the standardization of hData, the first lightweight REST methodology for healthcare data exchange, now a normative standard of HL7. With HL7, ONC, and CMS, Mark focused on developing FHIR profiles unifying standards for clinical quality measures and decision support. Mark has also worked the US Department of Veterans Affairs on interoperable healthcare information exchange, and helped the DOD transfer radiological images of wounded warriors from Afghanistan and Iraq to regional hospitals. Prior to joining MITRE, Mark was Chief Technology Officer at Gensym Corporation, a leading provider of AI software, VP of Engineering at InterOPS, a network management company, CTO of Light Pharma, provider of capability improvement software and services to the pharmaceutical industry, and Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Alternative syntaxes for #FHIR extensions

Recently, Grahame posted a request on his blog requesting feedback on how FHIR represents extensions ( Currently, all extensions appear under <extension> tags. This makes the wire format hard to read, particularly when there are nested extensions. The worst-case scenario … Continue reading

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Light My FHIR!

Welcome to the LightMyFHIR blog. For several years, folks at MITRE Corporation have been working with and working on FHIR. We have many experiences to share with the broader FHIR community. This blog is one of the ways the MITRE team will be … Continue reading

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